samedi 28 février 2015

Mrs Lorenzo's English classroom

In our English class there are two beige doors, three beige walls and one white wall and four windows.
 The English class is on the second floor and it is next to the German room
In our classroom there is also a video projector, a white board, a computer, nine posters, a map, thirty-four chairs, one desk, seventeen tables, a cupboard.

On our tables there are pens, compasses, scissors, sharpeners, erasers.
Ingrid, Fatoumata, Anouar, Lusiné. 6D

 I like school and I like English because Mrs Lorenzo is nice and I learn a lot of English.
Anouar 6D

I like school this year. My favourite subject is Art.
Lusiné 6D

I like school very much. My favourite subject is French. I feel good at school because I am with my friends.
Fatoumata 6D

The science lab

The science lab

In the science lab there are thirty- two tables and thirty-two chairs. On the tables there are faucets. The green board is behind Mrs Girard's desk. There are four windows and two doors.

Next to the door there is a cupboard with books. On the wall there are maps and posters.
There is a computer on the desk. There is a TV in the cupboard next to Mrs Girard's desk and two bins on the floor.

There is an aquarium with one white fish and one red fish next to Alexis. 

Alexandre 6F: I like the canteen in the school. In my class there are 13 boys and 13 girls. Everbody has got a locker. The playground is big. I don't like the library. It's not fun.

Jérémy 6F: I like P.E. In my class there are 13 boys and 13 girls. I like school, it is fun.

Kylian 6F: I like the computer room. In my class there are 13 boys and 13 girls. I like my school it's fun.

Tanguy 6F: I like the technology room. In my class there are 13 boys and 13 girls. I like my school.

vendredi 6 février 2015

The music room

Where is the music room?
It is on the ground floor next to the Art room. It is number A08.

What is there in the music room?
There is a piano in the music room. There is a white board and a poster and a window on the wall.
There are tables. There is a desk next to the wall and there is a video projector opposite the whiteboard.

Who is the music teacher?
The music teacher is Mrs Torres.

I like music because I like singing. Wahil 6D

Timothée 6D
The music room is fun!!! We sing! I like music. Music is my favourite shool subject.

 Baptiste  6D
I like school. This year I have got new friends and new subjects. IT IS FUN !!!!

Alexandre 6D
I like the music room. The music  room is cool !


The canteen


The canteen is opposite the library.

It is over the girls toilets.

There are 96 seats and 22 windows in the canteen.

There are 48 jars and 1 fountain.

When we arrive in the canteen, we take a tray with a knife, a fork and a dessert spoon.

Then we choose a starter, a main course and a dessert.

Then we take a piece of bread and a glass and we go to sit down to eat. 


I like school. I am in the same classroom with my best friends and we have a lot of activities in school. It is fun.
Candice 6 D

I like English. I like Wednesdays and Tuesdays.
Ellya 6 D

I like school. I love Wednesday mornings and Thursday afternoons.
Arthur 6 D

I like school. I study German, English, French and Maths. I love Art and Music.
Liban 6D

The playground

The playground is very big. In the playground, there are toilets and red lockers and a lot of rocks and two white benches. The toilets and the lockers are dirty. In the playground, there are beautiful trees and four green table-tennis tables.
Our school is very fun !

Maud, Aya, Cathy, Maëva 6D


Maud : I like my new school . There are a lot of teachers. The school is really fun!

Aya : The playground is very big. I like my friends. The lockers are next to the playground.

Maëva : The playground is a little dangerous. The toilets are in the playground. The playground is big. The lockers are next to the playground.

Cathy : In the playground, I find the time does not go too fast, I chat and I play with my friends.

dimanche 1 février 2015

The headmaster's office

In the headmaster's office there is a brown desk and a big rectangular table. There is a big cupboard. There are two chairs in front of Mr Pluchart's desk. And there are six chairs around the brown table. Next to the door, on the right, there is a small table. On the desk, there is a black telephone next to the computer. On the wall there are paintings.


It' s my first year in this school. I am in 6 F. I love Art, Music and Physical Education. There are 13 girls and 13 boys in my class. I have got new friends. It' s fun!
Claire 6F.

My school is very big , the playground is big. I feel good in my new school.
Noemie 6°F

the library

In the library, there are eight computers, fifty-nine chairs, sixteen tables.

There is one desk, and one white board.

There are eight windows and two thousand books.

In the library there is one television, one poster and one video projector.


Juline 6°f
I like my new school because I have got new friends and new teachers. It's a very cool school!

Apolline 6°f
I love school because it is very good. In my class there are 13 boys and 13 girls! It 's big!

Maoudé 6°F
I love school ! My new school is fun. I have got new friends and new teachers.

Mélissa 6°F
My new school is very big and super!! There are more than six hundred students.